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Rume Sophomore App by Blackrain100 Rume Sophomore App by Blackrain100

:bulletblue:Name: Alrume (Al, Rume, Ruru…whatever you want to call her she'll accept)
:bulletpink:Age: 250
:bulletgreen:Monster type/species: Maita (Soul Eating Witch)
:bulletblue:Glamour Item: Collar [under her vest shawl]
:bulletpink:Favorite class: Mystics and Magics
:bulletgreen:Worst class: Mischief and Mayhem
:bulletblue:Current Classes: Dreamology, Expressive Arts
:bulletpink:Passed Classes: Freshman Curriculum
:bulletgreen:Current Points: 35,995
:bulletblue:Natural weapons: Claws, Fangs, Hair used as restraints
:bulletpink:Trained weapons: Whips, medium blades, Fire magic, Decay magic, Dark magic
:bulletgreen:Grade: Sophomore! :iconhairflipsplz:

:bulletred: Cutting her hair while it's engaging a target causes intense of pain and immobilizes her momentarily.
:bulletred: Light magic
:bulletred: Ice magic.
:bulletred: She's not particularly physically strong.
:bulletred: Her bond- Rume bonded with Moxi forming a chain that links the two of them at all times. This chain can only be seen by magic users at the same power level as her [sophomore] or above [teacher/headmistress] pulling on this chain will cause her substantial enough pain to disorient her for a short while

Major Skills:
:bulletblue: Flame based magic- Her body's plasma can change form and be used as a flame, she uses this also as a mode of transportation and acceleration in fights.
:bulletblue: Dark magics- Dark aura blasts, she's learned to control it slightly and can make two forms. A whip, and dark orbs that rotate at a high speed and are very destructive when launched.
:bulletblue: Decay magics- Her body produces a toxic plasma that is in itself a unique disease for which only she can cure
:bulletblue: Soul Communion- As a maita she can commune deeply with the souls of others can either help or harm their emotional state
:bulletblue: Healing- The flames her body produces can heal her own injuries up till a certain extent. When her body becomes to weak to heal injuries fully it will start half healing and eventually just burning wounds shut, these scars will eventually heal once she's had a lot of rest and time to recover. She can also take injuries from others upon herself then heal them to help team mates.

Minor Skills:
Skilled with a whip, and medium sized blades.
Item invocation-The ability to pass her magics through objects she is physically weilding
Soul sense: She can sense people via feeling the presence of their souls, she can also judge their emotions by focusing on their souls.
Soul Song: In her Maita form when speaking plainly her voice is harmful, the more force she puts into it the worse it is. However if she's singing the voice is soft melancholy and lovely to hear, whoever hears the song will have their soul put at ease relieving emotional stress and strife.
[pending, power already paid for I've just lost track of things here apparently]

:bulletblue:Personality: Her personality changes depending on who it is she's interacting with but here are some general basics:
:bulletpurple: Strangers: A self confident young woman who always speaks her mind and can tend to be a bit overzealous if she get's excited about anything. She's overly confident and sassy with a rather pushy in-your-face attitude. She is also very defensive around new people and she tends to think that the world is out to get her.
:bulletpurple: Friends: Once she gets to know someone she becomes a bit more conscious that not everyone is out to kill her and that there are some people she can relax around she tends to show a more tender and self conscious side. While not losing her rough and tough edge entirely, she manages to open up a bit and tends to show her affection through misconstrued actions, and misleading statements.
:bulletpurple: She will flirt with nearly anything…she doesn't usually act further than flirting if she doesn't really plan on pursuing a relationship or otherwise.
:bulletpurple: At time's she's rather reclusive and will slink off to be on her own, this is usually due to her sometimes urgent craving for souls. At this time it's best to leave her be as she is prone to letting her calm facade slip and her insane homicidal side run wild.

:bulletpink:Character's Background:
She was born and raised as a regular little girl with 4 older brothers and an older sister, she lived a normal life up until her teenage years when she was discovered for what she truly was. It was a trait that ran in their family…well more than a trait they called it a curse. The curse of the Maita, She was slowly turning into a witch. So her family sent her off to one of her other relatives, a distant aunt and fellow Maita. She then lived with her aunt and learned the way's of the Maita and how to curb her blood lusting urges, she watched her family grow old and pass on member by member. After a while she became accustomed to death, as she trained with her Aunt it went without say that they killed plenty of people. They needed a certain number of souls within a period of time or they'd become weak. It took centuries of training to over come her soul hunger and find other ways to supplement her energy sources. It was around this time that she'd heard about the academy, she was interested…a place where monsters lived in peace together and learned together? Who wouldn't be. So she bid her Aunt farewell and headed off to go enroll.

Freshman year: Her freshmen year was an emotional roller coaster ride, in the beginning things were easy, she talked to the people she liked, ignored the ones she didn't and made friends just like any other person would at any other academy. That was until the dungeon event. That was when everything changed, Trapped in her worst nightmare she went a little insane trying to lead her small starting team of 4 out of the maze. By the end of it they were a seven man team blazing through the maze puzzle by puzzle and life threatening event after life threatening event. After many a close call and then having to fight her best friend when she went insane it was safe to say Alrume never wanted to go through that again. For the next few nights she was haunted by an old recurring nightmare from her past, and it seemed someone else was too. She happened across Kyran in an odd state one morning when she was trying to calm her mind and relax her soul, he mistook her for his dead sister and had an emotional breakdown. Once the mistake was cleared up he confided in her about his horrible past and the reason he was at the academy now she comforted him and from there on they were close companions. Over the course of Halloween due to a chance encounter at the fair Rume and Kyran became friends with benefits since neither of them seemed stable enough for a proper relationship at the time they figured this was the best solution. So time passed like this until Christmas, Rume went out and bought or made gifts for all her friends and she and Kyran exchanged gifts, shortly there after she got into a cat fight with one of her other dear friends Moxi, the leader of the dance team, for a reason she honestly didn't understand. Moxi had snapped at her abruptly and Rume just wasn't having that shit, a few days later Moxi apologized and explained what happened and Rume gave her a stern talking to and a friendly acceptance of her apology. They went shopping and bonded and became even closer friends after that, so close that at the valentines dance when both girls were stood up by their dates they decided to forget about the boys and become one another's date. And due to some love potion mixed into the cake there were some...interesting results to say the least. Later Rume fled the dance from embarrassment and happened across Kyran, she talked to him about her feelings for Moxi, and he said that he loved her, and Moxi...She figured this was okay because in all honesty she loved him and Moxi as well. Still too embarrassed to go back to her room and face Moxi though she remained out in the forest for a few days, when she returned she came back to devastating news. Kyran was dead. She simply turned and walked back into the forest, that morning he'd confided to her on the rooftop was the morning he told her why his brother had come to work at the school, it was to find and kill him. It seemed as though he'd succeeded, in a rage Rume stormed into Caderyn's office and shouted at him, she was mad, but she knew she couldn't hate wasn't his fault to start with...she had no reason too, she'd have done the same if she'd been in his shoes. She returned to the forest in a blazing haze of hatred and anguish and trained nonstop for a week, trained until her body fell weak from sheer overexertion and she was drowned in the feelings she'd been fighting so hard to avoid. She stopped feeling after that, her body and mind were numb. She returned to the academy in a daze of nothingness and made her way to her usual place in hopes of solace, the library. She however hardly expected to find the one other person who was sharing her pain when she opened the door. Moxi. She stood there face to face with the one person who knew the pain she was suffering right now, she placed her hands on her cheeks and kissed her sadly. The two kissed and cried together and absolved their pain with one another, eventually they started to heal together. So long as they had one another they were okay. It wasn't much more than a week or two that they became girlfriends, already having been through so much pain and suffering together their bond was deep and true. That bond deepened more when the two decided to take the valkeen vow, Alrume became Moxi's master and the two were bound by the chain that represented their bond. Their lives were then bound together, should Rume die Moxi would die as well, it was the ultimate vow. And since then the two have been happy together that was until a figure from their past returned in full form. Kyran. The hell hound both women had loved so deeply came back from the depths of hell revived in full flesh and blood. He came to Rume as he often use to seeking solace in her lullaby, she sang him to sleep and made him an offer, since he loved her and Moxi, and both she and Moxi still loved him. She asked how they both felt about her surprise both of them agreed, and all three were happier than they ever thought they could be. However life has it’s fair share of twists and turns, Kyran was dragged back to hell shortly thereafter and all in all Rume and Moxi just went back to being a couple and went on with their lives, some things you can’t fix...other things you get over.

:bulletgreen:Rp Information: Alrume: She ran along through the hallways “Ah, shit I’m late!” She said sprinting down the hallways around familiar shortcuts and detours till she reached the third floor. “Aaaah Safe!” She slid through the doorway “Out” the teacher said and she sighed sitting down “Eeh fine, I’ll clean the boards after class.” She said pulling out her notebooks

:bulletblue:Rp Schedule: Swing and Graveyard of Central US time zone

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TwilightSweetie Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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