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March 2, 2013
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Kichirou Noboyuki by Blackrain100 Kichirou Noboyuki by Blackrain100
My new rp baby for :iconmonsteracademy:

Real Name: Kichirou Noboyuki
Glamour Name: Takao Kitsuraba
Age: 300yrs Old
Monster Type: Pipe Fox
Glamor Item: Emblem pin (currently hair pin)
Natural Weapons: Teeth, Claws, ice flame
Trained Weapons: Bo Staff, Tonfas, Katana
Grade: Freshman
Current Class: n/a
Passed Classes: n/a
Favorite Class: Human Studies
Worst Class: Mischief and Mayhem
Weakness: Flames, being separated from his pipe for long periods of time, his tail, landing a firm blow on the emblem on his forehead will result in a 50/50 chance to either knock him out or send him into a blind rage
Major Skills:
Ice Magic: His body produces icy blue flames that can freeze inanimate objects on contact and result in frost bite from prolonged exposure. He can mold weapons out of the ice but he's not skilled in it yet so they are easily broken
Super Speed
Berserk Rage: When the emblem on his forehead is struck he has a 50% chance of invoking this. His flames build up around his body and he blindly attacks anyone around, friend or foe for ten to fifteen minutes
Minor Skills:
Defensive magic: Ice shields, and barriers
Healing magic: Mid level healing of stab wounds and burns, low level poison treatment and curse sealing
Super Intelligence
Personality: A sweet and rather aloof old school gentleman. Polite to all who show him the same courtesy. He's a bit over the top at times , but very chivalrous and helpful as it is in his nature as a protective daemon. He also tends to be a bit easily absorbed into things as well as easily confused. Due to his nature as a pipe fox he has a need to always learn more, and after being isolated for so long in one community and never really interacting with those of none daemon nature he gets easily confused by slang and modern terms, and will usually ask someone to explain it to him until he understands.

Background: Many years ago slightly after his birth Kichirou was unwillingly summoned to the human plane of existence by ghost sealers who summoned, caught, sealed, and sold daemons to the highest bidders. He was young and confused, and over many years he was bought and sold time and time again, passed on and abandoned many times. HE was lonely and sad, afraid of this horrible realm simply wanting to go back to the daemon plane. He found himself on the shelf of a curio shop in Tokyo and there he had the luck to be bought by a caring ghost agent named Yoruko. She took him into her care along with her team of daemons. She taught him to defend himself, heal, and to battle on the human plane to defend against other ghost sealers and rogue ghost agents who may have tried to hunt him down and put him back on the market now that he was a skilled daemon. Eventually as always time went on and Yoruko grew old. One day in her old age she fell in battle with a young ghost sealer, but with the last of her power she cast a charm on her beloved daemons to keep them out of the hands of those who wished to harm them. "May you only ever be owned by a person of your choosing my darlings." She sighed and closed her eyes for the last time. Kichirou spent the next century or so patrolling Tokyo with the few of Yoruko's daemons that had stayed behind. Protecting other young daemons from suffering his fate, but eventually he tired of the ever changing city streets and began to wander the country then the world. Eventually he heard whispers of an academy for monster. What a peculiar notion he thought to himself and decided to see just what an academic en devour could change about his life, perhaps he could use it to find a suitable new master as well. And with these thoughts he headed off.

I'll fancify this later...cause it's 7am...and I need sleep))
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cool :D
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can I ask what exactly are tonfas? they sound familiar
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another fox?

well it looks awesome~
Blackrain100 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
lol I thought about not doing it...but then I did anyway cause pipe foxes are cool
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